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Join your classmates in making a gift to your favorite part of Neumann! Did you have an experience at NU that helped shape who you are today? Where did you meet your friends, discover new interests, or learn something new about yourself? Participating in the Class Gift Campaign is a great way to leave your legacy and serve as a lasting reminder that we are students today and alumni forever!

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Each year, graduating students come together to raise funds for Neumann University. This longstanding tradition is a way of showing thanks and a commitment to our core values while leaving a lasting impact that reflects the class. Participation in the Class Campaign is your vote of confidence in the education you have received and the opportunities provided to you. Now you can pay it forward so future Neumann Knights benefit as you did. With a gift of $50.00 you will earn a blue and gold Philanthropy Cord. The Neumann Philanthropy Cord is worn as a symbol of Philanthropic pride that graduating students wear at Commencement. With a gift of $20.19 you receive an exclusive alumni travel mug.

Your Gift:

Your gifts can be both personally meaningful and impactful. Through the senior class campaign, you can make a gift to any and all areas of Neumann. By giving, not only are you making a difference for current students, but you’re also creating a legacy and tradition for future students.

Why are donations necessary?

Your gift: • Affects Neumann’s participation rates (the percentage of alumni who make gifts), which impacts the university’s ranking in U.S. World News and Report • Contributes towards our campaign participation goals • Can be designated towards any area of the campus to support future Knights